The Official Board meets monthly and operates with two umbrella committees, Financial and Spiritual.  Each of these umbrella committees consist of several sub-committees.

Trinityʼs Organization
Our church, like many, is a volunteer organization that depends on those willing to give their time and energy. When Trinity adopted its new organization last year it created a new board and two main committees that report to the board on a regular basis.Those are the Spiritual Committee and the Financial Committee.The change was not really a radical one since it was modeled after the Elders and Stewards structure that has served many United Churches since its creation in 1925.
Spiritual Committee focuses on all matters that involve worship, music, outreach, membership, UCW, Sunday School and anything else that is not a temporal matter while the Financial Committee focuses on all matters considered temporal. In our organization the Spiritual Committee meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. while the Financial Committee meets monthly on the second Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. This summer the board met on Aug. 10 but meetings generally do not take place in July or August.
Both committees report to the board on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Future newsletters will describe the roles of other Trinity committees.
Trinity Board
Co-Chairs -Kathryn Colantonio and Danielle York; Past Chair:
Ray Piercy; Secretary - Ruth Crittenden; Treasurer - Doug Mitchell; UCW Rep -Sue Edmunds; Presbytery Rep - Barbara Downie and Ruth Crittenden; Board of Trustees Rep - David Holroyd; Ministry and Personnel Rep - Dawn Myers; Communication: John Brown; Staff Rep's: Lori Forsythe, Office Assistant & Rev. Dr. Brian Goodings
Spiritual Committee
________ (Chair), Barbara Downie (Secretary),
Communication: John Brown, Su Cook, Joy Barr, Mike White, Kathryn Colantonio, Beth Theis, Rev. Dr. Brian Goodings
Financial Committee
Ray Piercy - (Chair), Don McCullough, Rose Hewitson - secretary, Doug Mitchell (Treasurer), Jamie Forsythe, Joanne Melnyk, Fred Riemer, Hank Wells

Sub-committees connected to the Spiritual Committee include the following:
Outreach and Social Action

The congregation of Trinity United Church demonstrates a strong commitment to the Christian concept of “outreach” and readily supports the projects this Committee undertakes. Outreach and Social Action reaches out to the surrounding local community to assist those in need, regardless of race, creed or religion.

Local projects include maintaining a food cupboard at the church for emergency situations; holding once monthly Community Dinners; and the newly created Susan Wells Crock Pot Project.

In assisting the local Children's Aid Society, the committee annually collects from the congregation for a White Gift Project and fills Christmas Shoe Boxes for children and teens.

Outreach has also supported
Camp Simpresca by sponsoring a cabin and helping to pay for children who could not otherwise afford to attend summer camp.

Membership to the Outreach and Social Action Committee is open to any in our congregation who want to share our mission of putting the love for our neighbours into action in our community and around the world.

Education and Programs

The Education and Programs Committee is committed to carry forth the mission and the ministry of Trinity United Church.

In consultation with the minister, the committee plans and directs programs of Christian Development for people in the congregation at every stage of life.

At Trinity United, a major emphasis is on the Sunday School Program that has an enrollment of 30+ children and a volunteer teaching staff of 9 adults. Learning is fun. Our motivated group of teachers uses the curriculum to teach Christian values and beliefs in a positive, loving context. Children are an important focus in our ministry and participate every Sunday in the Children’s Time. Our children are frequent participants in Sunday services. They enjoy singing in the Cherub and Children’s choir as well as helping to light the Christ Candle.

In the past we have sponsored speakers from Free the Children, The Canadian Food Grains Bank and organized Camping Sunday and the Church Picnic at Sunset Point. Our annual skating party  is held in February.

Worship and Music
The members of the Worship and Music Committee work to ensure that the mission and ministry of the Trinity United Church congregation are carried forward.
These responsibilities include regularly reviewing, planning and evaluating the worship practices of Trinity, assisting with the sacraments, planning special services, arranging for special speakers when our regular minister is on holiday, securing ushers for each month, involving lay people in the leadership of worship, and supporting the music ministry of the church. We are privileged to assist with the implementation of the inspirational services that our minister plans and provides for us.

The Financial Committee
includes the Buildings and Grounds Committee. 
Buildings and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee’s mandate is to ensure upkeep and repair of the building, equipment and grounds of Trinity United Church. Our church building was originally the Maple Street Methodist Church and was built in the late 1800’s. In 1925, it became Trinity United Church and, over the years, was expanded, renovated and updated as the congregation grew.

As a heritage building, Trinity United needs continued maintenance. This is accomplished by a Committee consisting of several members who, in conjunction with the Church Board, determines what needs to be done, and then hires the workers or, in some cases, the Committee members complete the work themselves. The roof, exterior and interior walls, all facilities, including the kitchen fall under the purview of this committee, as well as the maintenance of the pipe organ. In addition, every spring there is a work bee when members of the congregation are invited to help clean up the grounds in preparation for spring plantings.

One recent project at the church was re-pointing bricks. Vigilance as to the state of the roof, windows and furnaces are all part of the role of this Committee. The Building and Grounds Committee is always in need of interested parties who enjoy the challenge of maintaining our historic building. Come and join us.

Board of Trustees of Trinity United

One of the important bodies of the Church, that ensures ongoing financial stability, is the Board of Trustees.
The property of the congregation of Trinity United Church is held in trust by the Board of Trustees, for the use of the congregation and for purposes approved by the Church Board. Members of the Board of Trustees are elected by the Congregation at its annual meeting and include a Chairperson and eight members, as well as the Minister.
The Board of Trustees meets at least quarterly and more frequently, as needed.
The Trustees actively recruit endowment fund contributions through bequests, planned giving and annuities. The Board of Trustees then invests those funds prudently and ethically. As well, the Trustees consult with various other Committees of the Church in making decisions on distribution of endowment funds.