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Memorials and Dedications in the Sanctuary


The congregation is indeed, grateful for these and any other gifts which have been given in memory of faithful members.  Many bequests and gifts of money have also been received.
The following gifts and memorials have been presented to the Church: 
Baptismal font in 1925 by the Ladies' Aid in memory of those who served in World War I.
Bronze plaque in 1923 in memory of Mrs. William Williams, 38 years as treasurer of the Ladies' Aid by her daughter Mrs. Jessie Williams Young.
Inscribed pulpit Bible and Hymn Book, in 1927, in memory of the late Wm. Williams, B.A., and Mrs. Williams by their daughter, Mrs. Jessie Williams Young.
Plaque, on the occasion of the installation of the present organ in memory of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. White whose sons, Harry and Fred of Chicago were generous contributors to this fund.
Chimes for the organ by Capt. and Mrs. F. A. Bassett.
The chimes were placed in the Church Tower in memory of those who gave their lives or served in the armed forces during both World Wars, by the congregation.
Pulpit Lamp, in 1953, in memory of Mrs. F. E. Comley by her husband and daughter Mrs. Margaret Robson.
Picture, in 1953, by the pupils of the Junior Department of Sunday School in memory of Donna Protheroe.
Communion  table, in 1953, in memory of former members by the Women's Association.\a gold trimmed table runner and Latin Cross in 1953, by Dr. R. E. Robertson.
Desk in the vestry by Wm. P. Dey and son in memory of his wife, 1958.
Sanctuary Cross and drapes for the organ screen, in 1975, by Archie and Mary Gibson.
200 Hymn Books in memory of the members who had passed on, in 1972.
Communion Chalice in memory of Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Prentice, by their daughter Mrs. Florence Scrannage.
Painting, The Head of Christ, in memory of F. E. Courtice and D'Alton Hughes, by the Rev. & Mrs. J. E. Hunter.
Portrait of the Rev. Edward Swallows.
Clock in the Banquet Hall in memory of Alex Seiggel, by members of his family.
Communion cloth, by Mr. & Mrs. Basil Brock.
Books in the library.
Tower Chimes in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bull, in 1977, by their son Mr. Ron Bull and their daughter Mrs. Shirley Clancy.
Pulpit Antependium, by the Boy Scouts.
Flags were a gift of Miss Pearl Whitesell in 1967.
The following memorial Stained Glass Windows have been donated: 
  • a stained glass window in 1952, in memory of Mr. A. B. Spencer, a former local preacher and Sunday School Superintendent - by his sons Mr. Lyn B. Spencer, Q.C., and Rev. Robert Spencer.
  • in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Atkins in 1957, by their family.
  • in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Bert Bellinger in 1960, by their family.
  • in memory of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Smart in 1964, by their family.
  • in 1965, by the choir.
  • in memory of the United Church Women who served in the Church well, in 1970, by the U.C.W.
  • in memory of the Rev. Edward Swallows, by the church members, in 1976
  • in memory of William E. Clark by his wife, Claire, in 2003.
  • in memory of Gordon Dey and his parents, Wm. P. Dey and Annie McCoy, by the Dey family (Jacqueline, Richard and Tim and families)

 Cross, Built by Ed. C. Nicholson

The plaque has the following inscription:
Trinity United Church

Wood from Hunter Hall Windows

Ed C. Nicholson





The Sanctuary Cross 


This Sanctuary Cross is dedicated to the Glory of God and in memory of loved ones.
Who, Through the years have worshipped and
given of their time and talents to the cause of Christ

March 23rd 1975

Mary and Archie Gibson





Lighting by Archie Gibson

Built by Basil Brock



Trinity United Church Organ


Dedicated to the Glory of God and in loving memory of
those who served in World Wars one and two.

This organ rebuilt by trinity congregation in 1965.

Replaces and includes the original organ which
was made possible by the gifts of Harry and Fred White
and given in memory of their parents Mr. & Mrs. W. H. White

The chimes were installed by Capt. And Mrs. F. A. Bassett




Plaque above the Choir loft reads:
The still Gedeckt 8 ft stop and the great to pedal super coupler in the pedal department of this organ is
herewith placed and dedicated to the Glory of God and
in loving memory of the untiring and devoted multitude who served this church
in the ministry of music from 1853 to 1953

By the present choir of Trinity United Church October 30 1955


Guest Book Stand

Guest book stand and two cabinets were presented 
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Occomore
from the family

Baptism Font

Sacred to the memory of our Heroes of the Great War

1914 – 1918

Donated by the Ladies Aid

Of this Maple Street Methodist Church Collingwood


Wooden Baptism Font


Sacred to the memory of our heroes of the great war 1914 – 1918

Donated by the ladies Aid of the Maple Street Methodist Church

On their 50th anniversary

April 19th 1925

Renewed by the Women’s Association

Of Trinity United Church 1957


Communion Table

Communion  table, in 1953, in memory of former members by the Women's Association.