Trinity Thinks  
formerly Table Talk......

All for the love of education....

Trinity Thinks and converses is the new role for what was
Table Talk. We will meet occasionally to review books in
general, share travel experiences or explore interesting
subjects such as General Council & major changes in the
structure of the United Church of Canada; whatever happened
to the Reverend Gretta Vosper?
Now it’s time to give something a try. The Spiritual
Committee is supporting a first gathering on Sunday March 3
at 12 noon in the library. After picking up your coffee and
saying hello to friends or a visitor come into the library for a
rundown on Red Notice, a book by Bill Browder, a financier,
on his experience in trying to deal with Vladimir Putin. The
story involves Christia Freeland our Foreign Minister who was
once the Moscow Bureau Chief of the Financial Times. A
paper will be distributed that you can take home.
It’s all for the love of education. In view of the current
tensions in the world you will find it most interesting. Come
join us next Sunday and learn what Trinity Thinks is all about.
Will meet occasionally to review books, share travel experiences
or explore interesting subjects such as General Council and major changes in the structure of the United Church of Canada.



At the recent Annual Meeting, it was agreed that there will be a Capital Campaign starting at the date of the Annual Meeting and ending at the Annual Meeting in 2020.  The Campaign is to cover the replacement of the roof and other capital expenditures, with a target of $100,000.  All money received will be provided to the Trustees.  The Campaign is to provide money for capital expenditures of the church.  If necessary, money held by the Trustees can be used to cover operating deficits.

Book Study

Next session Book study dates: Tuesday, April 23rd @ 1:30 p.m. in the church library.  This session will feature "Holy Envy" by Barbara Brown Taylor.
Everyone welcome to come to a few or all of these sessions.

THE UCC OBSERVERMAGAZINE   (click on this link)


WHAT’S IN A NAME? The award-winning United Church Observer that has been publishing continuously for 190 years is getting an update and facelift!

In May of this year you will see a new name, a refreshed design, an increase of 16 pages and higher quality paper and binding.  The new name Broadview, the 4th in its history, was an overwhelming choice of more than 2000 people who responded to the survey last spring.  Broadview reflects the open-mindedness and inclusivity that defines today’s United Church.  Broadview will continue to bring a progressive Christian lens to spirituality, ethical living and social justice issues through stories that provide hope and inspiration amid our challenging times.  The publication frequency will be reduced from 11 issues per year to 10.  This allows some postal cost savings to cover the format changes without changing the discounted church group subscription rate of $25 per year.  Soon you will find the magazine on selected newsstands across Canada & later on subscription offers for those beyond our church pews.

Joan Boughton will continue as contact for renewals and for new subscribers.

A Newly Added Feature for the Website
If you missed the Sunday Service .....
or you want to see what the name of that hymn was....or read the Scripture passage again....
you can now find the bulletins in Word format as part of the drop down menu under the Horizontal tab: Worship With Us!

Approved Official Board minutes and Trinity Newsletters will continue to be available as well.

Collingwood's Winter Farmers' Market:
Saturday indoor sessions are finished. 

Ringing the church bells November 11, 2018 to mark 100 years since the end of WW1

2018 Easter Sunrise service was a chilly one! 
Warmed up nicely at breakfast following the well-attended service.

Trinity's Outreach

Trinity Volunteers hard at work: Community Dinner February/18

Church Finance and PAR
PAR or pre-authorized remittance allows you to continually support Trinity when you are away and avoids those “catch-up” periods. Nor do you have to search for your cheque book at the last minute on a Sunday morning. For the congregation, it helps generate a dependable flow of cash to help Trinity meet its financial obligations. There is also less paper work and bookkeeping to be done by staff and volunteers. Have you considered using it to make your Trinity offering? It is simple to initiate and change, and yet it does not prevent one from participating in other Trinity initiatives.
If you have any questions, please speak to Ruth Crittenden or the church office.
* A PAR form is attached at the bottom of this page for your convenience. After completion, return to the church office.

Accessibility Policy

An overview of some of Trinity's programs - something for everyone!

Trinity’s Open Door Community Dinner needs your help! Please assist us in providing a "Home Made Meal" to people in our community looking for an evening of friendship and food.  This community dinner is served the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Home Horizon,
a local support group with which Trinity
is involved
is in need of furniture from time to time for clients who are moving into permanent housing. Used beds, dressers, chesterfields, tables and chairs in good condition are welcomed. If you have used items that you can donate, please call Doris at the Home Horizon office 445-5478 or Dawn Myers at 444-1756. Thank you for your support, past and present.

Annual Mitten Rack: Once again, donations of new, warm mittens, hats, scarves etc were  appreciated by the Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexion.

**Important new Columbarium information from our Cemetery Board, please,
or alternately, scroll to bottom of News page and open the pdf file.
* Please note: updated bylaws are now available in the Church Office. (March, 2016)

Lorraine’s Retirement Party

It was a memorable night at the Legion Saturday, May 6th,  when 145 gathered to celebrate Lorraine’s twenty-eight years as custodian at Trinity. Our thanks to Kathryn

Colantonio and her committee for all their organizing. We also thank the Legion staff and volunteers for making us feel so welcome.

Pictures from Trinity United Church's weekend away at Camp Simpresca  were there was NO AGENDA OR PLANNED PROGRAM! It was the participants' choice to come for a day, a meal, or the campfire or the entire weekend.








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