A memo from Ruth Crittenden, Givings Steward

1. If your email address has changed (since our photo directory printing), please let me know ASAP, as the applicable 2017 tax receipts will be sent out via email. 

2. I will soon be assigning envelope numbers for the year 2018 so if you are thinking about making the switch from weekly envelopes to monthly bank account debits through PAR, now is a good time to fill out the application.  You can increase, or make additional, donations to Trinity at any time if you are on PAR.

Thank you

Next Membership Sunday will be November 26, 2017
If you would like to join the church or have your membership transferred, please let Rev. Brian know.


It's September, 2017 and time to be thinking about what might add a little zest to our contemplative lives. Barbra Brown Taylor always has something meaningful to say.  A portion of her book, "Learning to Walk in the Dark: pp 138 - 148 will be discussed at our next meeting - scheduled for Sunday, October 1st. Everyone is welcome to share your thoughts in the library after coffee.  Possibilities for November meetings: a DVD with Brian Swimme or thoughts from a recent book by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
CONTACT: Paul Boughton at 705 445 9393/

Lorraine’s Retirement Party

It was a memorable night at the Legion Saturday, May 6th,  when 145 gathered to celebrate Lorraine’s twenty-eight years as custodian at Trinity. Our thanks to Kathryn

Colantonio and her committee for all their organizing. We also thank the Legion staff and volunteers for making us feel so welcome.

A note from our Finance Committee

Trinity’s Finances 2017

“Someone asked, “If each family gave $500 per year, would it cover our operating costs?” The short answer is no. Our budgeted revenue is $261,000, but $70,400

is expected to come from things like rents, fundraising and trustee income, leaving $190,600 to come from individual donations. Last year there were

158 families who donated regularly.

Our budget assumes that $30,000 will come from the trustees, but their expected income from investments is only $15,000. So, if our donations just meet the budget,

we will be dipping into the capital of the trustees to cover our operating costs. This is not what the capital funds are supposed to be used for and it is not sustainable

in the long term.

The amount which individuals give to the church is a very personal decision based on your views of the purpose of the general fund and your own finances.

If we can each increase our givings a little bit we can avoid drawing on the trustee’s capital. A 14% increase in givings from each of us is the target response to our

financial needs. Please give what you can.

*Accessibility Policy
Please see sub page at the bottom of this page.

th 5 Session introduction to the Muslim faith

Table Talk offered another DVD series with discussion time in January 2017.

Entitled "The Jesus Fatweh".
Fatweh is a term that means a directive or a ruling.

*Sept./17 Update on the organ rebuild.....
The decision was made to award the organ console rebuild contract to Dodington and Dodington.  This company does our regular organ maintenance.  Work began immediately on the new control system but the console was not be removed until just after Easter.  The organ is back in place and sounding wonderful!!

Christmas Gift Boxes - an annual Trinity Outreach

Trinity Members Jane Palmer, Dawn Myers, Joanne Calvert & Marion Sinclair join Family Connexions staff.

We did it again! We raised $1260 and delivered 60 gift boxes to Family Connexions in Collingwood to support youth and teens in our area.  We focus on teenagers since they grow so quickly and don’t fit into the usual toy drive.  A special thank you to Marion Sinclair and Lori Forsythe who joined our committee this year.  As well as this annual program, 2 additional families approached our church this year.  Our entire committee came together to fill a large gift bag for each family member and we hope this made a difference for each.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this Christmas gift box program, a job well done.

Church Finance and PAR
PAR or pre-authorized remittance allows you to continually support Trinity when you are away and avoids those “catch-up” periods. Nor do you have to search for your cheque book at the last minute on a Sunday morning. For the congregation, it helps generate a dependable flow of cash to help Trinity meet its financial obligations. There is also less paper work and bookkeeping to be done by staff and volunteers. Have you considered using it to make your Trinity offering? It is simple to initiate and change, and yet it does not prevent one from participating in other Trinity initiatives.
If you have any questions, please speak to Ruth Crittenden or the church office.
P.S. A PAR form is attached at the bottom of this page for your convenience. After completion, return to Marion Stewart at the church office.

An overview of some of Trinity's programs - something for everyone!

Trinity’s Open Door Community Dinner needs your help! Please assist us in providing a "Home Made Meal" to people in our community looking for an evening of friendship and food.  This community dinner is served the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Table Talk -   We seek to understand the meaning, language and values of Christianity for the 21st century
Regular meetings: Every third Sunday at 12 noon (after morning service)

Home Horizon,
a local support group with which Trinity
is involved
is in need of furniture from time to time for clients who are moving into permanent housing. Used beds, dressers, chesterfields, tables and chairs in good condition are welcomed. If you have used items that you can donate, please call Doris at the Home Horizon office 445-5478 or Dawn Myers at 444-1756. Thank you for your support, past and present.

Annual Mitten Rack: Once again, donations of new, warm mittens, hats, scarves etc were  appreciated by the Children's Aid Society.

**Important new Columbarium information from our Cemetery Board, please,
or alternately, scroll to bottom of News page and open the pdf file.
* Please note: updated bylaws are now available in the Church Office. (March, 2016)

Pictures from Trinity United Church's weekend away at Camp Simpresca  were there was NO AGENDA OR PLANNED PROGRAM! It was the participants' choice to come for a day, a meal, or the campfire or the entire weekend.

 * Presenting....Congratulations and thanks to George Christie!"On August 24th, 2015 the Town of Collingwood renamed the 11th Line Trails to be the "George Christie Nature Trails".  This is in recognition of George's dedicated work with the trail system in our area."

Presenting   .......... Trinity Authors

By Bud Crookes Available at Trinity, Crow's Nest Books and Gifts, Saunders Office Pro Store, and Leisure Time Centre ($20)
A Salute to Sidelaunchings
By George Czerny $19 The Collingwood    Shipyards,    carries    stories    and    67 photographs in 48 pages. The stories range from how the unique sidelaunches were done, to Czerny’s personal experiences during sea trials aboard one ship and riding another ship in during a sidelaunch.
The Collingwood Shipyards features many photographs, including sequential shots of a sidelaunching, schematics of a typical freighter, as well as aerial, colour photographs of the shipyards when it was in operation and what the property looks like today.
A Salute to Sidelaunchings, is a “slimmed down” 20-page version of The Collingwood Shipyards book and focuses strictly on sidelaunchings using photographs from the first book. It carries no feature stories and “sticks to the basics of sidelaunchings through photographs.”
Available at: or may also be purchased directly from George. For more information, contact: George Czerny, 116 Fraser Crescent, Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada   L9Y 0M8 Telephone: 705-446-1714 E-mail: The Collingwood Shipyards

By George Czerny $38.95
Available at: or may also be purchased directly from George. For more information, contact: George Czerny, 116 Fraser Crescent, Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada   L9Y 0M8 Telephone: 705-446-1714 E-mail:








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