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 Minister's December 2018 Message


140 Maple Street, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 2P8


December 2018

Dear Trinity Family:

The snow has come early this year and it looks like it’s going to be a wonderful ski season but we know that everything can change in an instant. We live in a very volatile time and our wild weather is just part of the unsettling, changing and confusing world.     

Most of us are looking for a “centre that holds” and place of sanctuary wherein we feel safe. I believe that Trinity United Church is that place of refuge for many people in Collingwood. User groups like the Horticultural Society and Yoga consider this their “home” and the Little House Montessori School is a wonderful tenant in the building. There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a child laughing and playing (and sometimes crying) and these are the sounds we hear from Monday to Friday every week.

Our UCW serves up wonderful dinners for groups and still is able to provide these meals at a very reasonable cost. They work tirelessly and faithfully to support the ministries of this and the wider church and their meetings take scripture and the call of Christ literally to heart. They are a group to be much admired and they feed me well too!    

The Sunday morning service continues to attract many people to worship and outside of Sunday many people come to the church for help with food and clothing too. One of the great highlights of the month is the Wednesday evening Community Supper that invites and feeds about one hundred people. Although the work is hard, it’s quite a joyful occasion and volunteers and donations of food are never hard to find. I think it’s fair to say that, according to the majority of our congregation, Outreach to the community of Collingwood is our most important and growing ministry. There’s now a very large and active Outreach committee and the list of plans we have for this ministry grows every time we meet. I believe, as Collingwood changes from being a village to a small and growing city, the need for Outreach programs will only grow. We have been meeting with a consultant called “Edge” to help us discern our future here and this theme comes up constantly. Trinity has a rich history of reaching out to help neighbours and this is where our energy and concerns continue to be strongly directed.

The issue we face as a congregation is not whether we want to continue to do these things and more, but rather how will we support the financial costs of keeping Trinity United Church viable and “open” to be able to serve the community. There may well come a time in future when we decide we simply can’t afford this rather wonderful and huge building on Maple Street but we are currently exploring ways of using the building that will generate income and make good use of the space.

Our cash reserves are being slowly but steadily depleted and we are discussing the plausibility of embarking on a congregational Stewardship Campaign to wisely manage and generate financial resources. Your givings and generosity testify to the belief that we have an extremely vital role to play in helping people find the sanctuary and safe community we need.

Our world really is changing and we know in our hearts that Trinity needs to change some things too. But as our Creed says…”This God’s world; we are not alone. Thanks be to God.” That hasn’t changed.   

Shalom Rev. Dr. Brian Goodings