Trinity's  Minister

2018 Message from Rev. Brian

We are on the verge of an emerging church and there will be much ahead to decide. Some things we will keep and some things we will leave behind, and although we are in a very comfortable place now, we should acknowledge that change always brings conflict.  Hopefully, not anger and the breaking down of relationships, but there will be heated differences of opinion and some difficult times.  These are the features of reformation and, with the striking of the strategic task group, we have started down this path.

Reverend Dr. Brian Goodings - Time For A Sabbatical

After ministering at Trinity United Church for over 6 and a half years, Brian Goodings has decided to take a
well-deserved 3 month sabbatical which will be added to 4 weeks of his holidays. The terms of
employment with the United Church allows clergy a sabbatical every 5 years. This sabbatical time is for
study, rest, spiritual retreat and prayer.
While Brian is away, Trinity has engaged several ministers who will lead us in worship. Some will be known
to you from past summers and others will be new to you.

Sabbatical Policy For Ministry Personnel In Pastoral Relations

The essence of sabbatical is rooted in the biblical practice of the Sabbath day described in the creation
story. Jesus kept this practice when he took time in his ministry for renewal. He often went away to pray
and reflect in silence and meditation “on mountaintops and by lakesides.”
The daily practice of ministry may involve the pressure of many tasks compressed into too few hours,
leaving little opportunity for reflective, prayerful time. In the context of ministry, sabbatical time is for
learning through reflection, revitalization, and recreation. It is, therefore, personal and individual in nature.
It may include study, spiritual retreat, and rest and will probably be a blend of all of these.
When ministry personnel take a sabbatical, congregations benefit from the opportunity to reflect on their
mission and ministry and experience different gifts of lay leadership. The sabbatical offers congregation a
minister who returns with new energy and clarity about the tasks at hand.

 Easter Sunrise Services


Trinity is most fortunate to have Reverend Dr. Brian Goodings as our minister. Rev. Goodings was the minister at Grace-Thornbury where he served since 1998. Prior to Grace he was at Chatsworth beginning in 1994. Before theological studies, Rev. Goodings worked as an aquatic biologist. Rev. Goodings was educated at Trent (Honours Bachelor of Science), Queen’s Theological College (Master of Divinity) and St. Stephen’s College (Doctor of Ministry). He has also held many positions of leadership within The United Church of Canada. Other interests include long distance hiking, hockey, curling, kayaking, marathon cross-country skiing and motorcycles.


Message from Rev. Dr. Brian Goodings and the Official Board

We, at Trinity, continue to practice our unique Christian witness in this community with “Open hearts- Open minds-Open Doors”. Our bustling and busy building is also the home of a Montessori school, an Art school, a meeting hall for children, and there are numerous groups who come here for meetings.  The church sanctuary is much sought after as a place for concerts and performances because of the seating capacity and acoustics and the very valuable pipe organ is considered one of the best in the province. Our congregation is growing steadily in numbers and in strength and many people in Collingwood and the surrounding area, who may not be part of the regular Sunday worshiping congregation, still consider this beautiful church on Maple Street their faith-home.  

In many ways the buildings and grounds of Trinity bear quiet testimony to times gone past when most people attended church on Sundays and space was at a premium. Large buildings were needed to house large congregations and family pews were quietly but clearly bequeathed from parent to child as part of their inheritance. Much has changed in our culture within the last few decades and the United Church of Canada, as well as all the mainline denominations in the western world, are closing and selling church buildings every day. Many will survive in creative and different ways although it is certainly going to be a very different church for many.

Our Trinity congregation is housed in a heritage building within a growing community that still has a strong affiliation for and membership within the UCC. It is very well positioned, in terms of location and population, to be one of the strongest United Church congregations in Canada. Our cherished sanctuary is really quite irreplaceable and provides a sacred link with the saints that went before us and most who enter are awed by the quiet but powerful reverence of this treasured church. However, along with the beauty of having a heritage building there also comes many repairs and replacement projects.

We are not in a financial crisis but there are major decisions we are facing as a congregation that will require generous stewardship of all our resources in order to grow confidently into a healthy future. We have inherited a rare gift from God and trust that you share or will catch the vision of how important Trinity United Church is to this community and the wider world.  Your generosity is crucial to ensuring the bright future of Trinity United Church. May God be with us!   

Yours in Christ,

Trinity United Church Board and Rev. Dr. Brian Goodings


At Camp Simpresca, Midland, ON