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Trinity Community DinnerPart of the Outreach and Social Action Committee 

With no sign-up sheets in the Banquet Hall, we have had to adjust to our “take-out dinners” and purchasing all of our ingredients and packaging. However, the congregation has really stepped up and accelerated their givings to support the ongoing Community Dinner Program.

There have also been a large number of community sponsors who have come on board as our program has moved from 80 dinners in the spring to 100 dinners in the summer and fall and to the 120 dinners (and growing) this winter. Here is a Big Thanks to:·     

The Caesar Bar for their supplies especially the crepe mix that made 250 crepes for the February Dinner·     

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 63for their pantry supplies, when they had to clear it to make room for the Auxiliary Hospital due to COVID-19 ·     

The Retired Teachers of Ontariofor our share of the $1000 donation to support the dinners at All Saints Anglican, 1stPresbyterian and Trinity United Churches.·     

The Blue Mountain Village Foundation grant for $1000, that was set up to meet the accelerated needs of the vulnerable members of our community.·     

Danielle and Kevin York for two months of individual pudding cup desserts·     

The Trinity U.C.W.for another month of dessert squares·     

Cobbs Bread Collingwood where Cathy Dorsey has enrolled Trinity in their program of donating surplus buns and breads

This has been an exceptional year for the community dinner. Not only have we seen the numbers increase dramatically, but at Christmas we began delivering meals to some of our community. This has been so successful that we have continued it into 2021. As we plan for 150 meals in the month of March, we would be remiss in not thanking the many volunteers who make this meal possible. We have attempted to compartmentalize each step in the purchasing, production, packaging and delivery of meals to the community to meet COVID-19 guidelines. With fewer hands at any one time, over a longer time we have been able to continue to meet the growing community need. 

Thank you to everyone

Barb Sneyd