Trinity’s “Friendly Visitors” Group

The Friendly Visitors are dedicated to keeping in touch with those who, for reasons of age, disability, bereavement, or illness, are unable to attend church services or events. This is accomplished through phone calls and visits.

Trinity United Church is grateful for all those who help with visits to homes, nursing homes, and hospitals; for those who drive, phone, send cards and extend the hand of friendship to those more isolated. 

It would be wonderful to also have male visitors for our senior men who enjoy visits. 


A Special Communion is held twice yearly, in the spring and again in the fall, for those who cannot otherwise come to our services. Those who attend appreciate receiving communion in the sanctuary at a quiet time of the week. Afterwards, we all enjoy refreshments and fellowship together. 
If you know someone

  • who would appreciate a visit or an invitation to our Special Communion.

If you

  • are interested in being a chauffeur for a guest to our Special Communion.

If you would like

  • to learn more about the Friendly Visitor Program
  • to join this committee

Please contact our Church Office Assistant, Lori Forsythe by phone at 705 445-3901 or by email at